Funeral Help Now



Funeral Help Now is a professional consulting organization that provides a wide variety of services to the Cemetery and Funeral Home industries.

Our executives and principals have extensive experience in both the Cemetery AND Funeral Home aspects of the industry, and in every element of management, process workflow, computerization, training, marketing, sales and operations.

Extensive experience has taught us that this is an industry with very specific operational requirements. Typically, these lay outside the expertise of most consulting groups, and require a VERY detailed knowledge of the business practices inherent in the industry. This can ONLY be obtained after a lifetime of experience.

Our consultants HAVE that experience.

Funeral Help Now delivers both VALUE and IMPLEMENTABLE DELIVERABLES. We have developed a specifically-targeted methodology from which Cemeteries and/or Funeral Homes may choose any, or all, of the services they require. Our consultants are available anywhere in the United States and we would be honored to discuss your needs in more detail. For more information, pease contact us at :


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